Deca Durabolin by Meditech Pharma UK


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Deca Durabolin by Meditech Pharma gives bodybuilders and powerlifters the edge they need to maximize their gains. This potent, injectable anabolic steroid can stimulate appetite and increase red blood cell production as well as bone density, making it a great drug for getting ripped and growing stronger.

The active substance is nandrolone decanoate, which comes with 250mg/ml in a 10ml vial offering a total of 2500mg. To experience the full effects of the drug, most users recommend running it for a minimum of eleven or twelve weeks. This will ensure that your muscles will avoid any negative side effects while still receiving optimal growth benefits.

While some have achieved great results even on shorter cycles with doses starting at 200-400mg per week during the first cycle, higher doses more often lead to greater results. With all this in mind, avail yourself of Deca Durabolin by Meditech Pharma to earn the beautiful and strong physique you’ve always wanted!

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